Battle Ram - Long Live the Ram

Battle Ram
Long Live the Ram
My Graveyard Productions
There are two ways to approach releases like this one. You’re either a metalhead and you are into this “trip” or you’re not and you can’t get what’s all about so you end up making fun of something that you cannot understand. Italy & Greece have retained a strong underground “epic heavy metal” scene and they keep supporting it no matter if there are 10, 100 or 1000 people around. That’s its beauty in spite of everything… to support what you fancy without giving a tinker’s cuss about other opinions.
Anyhow, Battle Ram are hailing from Italy, they’ve been around for about 12 years and all this time they have released a homonymous demo in 2003 & the “Smash the Gates” EP in 2009. Finally, the time for the much desired full-length debut release has come. “Long Live the Ram” contains 7 new tracks, a remake of “Smash the Gates” from the EP, a cover on “In the Fallout” by Fifth Angel and a bonus track entitled “Dark Command” which is a 2001 demo version (this song was also featured in the band’s self-tilted EP in 2003). Also, as the band notes the acoustic instrumental “Road of Light” is inspired by the music made by Mark “The Shark” Shelton and Manilla Road. The production is a tad “raw” & old-school as it should be in such cases. The CD was mixed & mastered by Daniele “Jack” Rossi.
Now what do you really expect to listen to from a band that its singer shouts “I am heavy metal”… “I have been for all my life”?! As I said before if you live & breathe for epic heavy metal music of the 80s then this release will make your day as it will take you to a “metal journey” back to that era…