Banquet - Jupiter Rose

Banquet Jupiter Rose cover
Jupiter Rose
Heavy Psych Sounds
Banquet is a newly formed band from San Francisco, which released its first 7" last year. Now the band releases its debut full-length album under the title “Jupiter Rose”.
Banquet is another band which belongs to this 70s music movement of our time. They play heavy rock music with classic rock and rock & roll elements. They have some nice twin guitar leads and their album’s whole atmosphere and sound is too much like it used to be in the 70s… retro is the apt word here.
As other albums of the genre, they just recycle what the big ones did in the 70s and they do not offer anything fresh or different in general. If you were part for the 70s rock music and have listened to tons of it, then it feels that you have listened every single riff, lead & melody a thousand times before. Personally, I do not fancy that 70s music trend of the recent years cuz I just see bands which could have easily been “cover bands”… somehow trying to convince us that they do their own music, when all they do is “copy/paste” the music of the 70s. This thing has to stop at some point. Banquet is not that band but there’s a lot left to be desired…