Art Of Anarchy - The Madness

Art Of Anarchy The Madness cover
Art Of Anarchy
The Madness
Another Century Records
Sometimes a good thing can come up out of a tragedy. This is exactly the case with Art Of Anarchy that experienced the loss of their vocalist Scott Weiland in late 2015. The band didn’t call it a day but decided to go on and they found the ideal new vocalist in Scott Stapp (Creed), who seems to have been with the band since the beginning.
Scott, apart from having a great voice, has also contributed to the music and lyrics on the new album, so along with guitar extraordinaire Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, guitarist Jon Votta, bassist John Moyer and drummer Vince Votta, made a great music match in every way. Musically, Art Of Anarchy have moved in a more melodic hard rock path along with the apt alternative and modern elements obviously. It’s true that the album features several tracks that can be “hits” in the sense they used to be back in the 90s or the 00s. “Echo of a Scream”, “No Surrender”, “The Madness”, “Changed Man”, “Somber” and “Afterburn” are a few tracks that will surely make your day and will have you sing-along. I think that Ron was accurate when he told me that “the music developed its own personality, a combination of all members’ personalities”. I couldn’t have said it better. Scott offered that little something so as to make Art Of Anarchy an actual band with its own comprehensive character. Once again, Ron delivered a superb album production, as he mixed, produced and mastered the album. What more can I say? Play it really loudly!
“The Madness” does not only show the natural course of a band that consists of famed musicians, but it brings forth the actual creative & proficient side of Art Of Anarchy. I’m sure this is how the guys have imagined the band to be since its beginning and they have come to accomplish that with their sophomore release. Assuredly, there’s more to come from a band full of gifted musicians, but let’s revel in “The Madness” with all our heart for now. Art Of Anarchy released one of the most captivating hard rock albums for 2017…