Arion - Last of Us

Arion Last of Us cover
Last of Us
Ranka Kustannus
Releases such as this, unfold the talent of some newcomers and showcase how important the new rock/metal blood is for the future of our music. But let’s take things from the start. Arion is a newcomer from Finland, which consists of 5 young (really young) fellows. The band took shape in 2011, and in 2013 they took part in the Finnish UMK contest and they also released their EP entitled “New Dawn”. Now the guys are releasing their debut album to the world… and what a debut I must say!
Musically, Arion blends symphonic metal, melodic metal, power metal, hard rock and prog metal music. You’ve probably heard it all before, but I have to say that the actual outcome is exceptional. The guys are talented – no doubt about it. They record, write and produce music like they are some kind of metal veterans and have years & years of music on their backs. What surprises the most is the music maturity of those guys. A maturity that’s hard to be found even at seasoned bands of our time. The songwriting, the melodies, the hooklines, the guitars, the song arrangements are all amazingly mature and complete. They have a great sense of melody and all the performances are great too. The production is also full and powerful.
I’ve spent several days listening to the album repeatedly and the same thought kept entering my head. Arion is the best young band I’ve come across in the last few years. This band has the potential to make it big in every aspect. It takes nothing more than a dose of inspiration and imagination so as to come up with such result. Honestly, after such an impressive debut album, I’m even more curious to see what the future holds for this Finnish metal quintet. Arion have made an impressive beginning so it’s their actual course from now on which will put them among the top new melodic metal acts of today. At long last, “Last of Us” is a bloody awesome debut album, which mustn’t be overlooked by the melodic metal fans no matter what… A new Metal Star has been born…