Allegaeon - Apoptosis

Allegaeon Apoptosis cover
Metal Blade Records
When something stops evolving, it will eventually cease to exist. That’s the pattern Allegaeon chose to follow on their new album and although it was a daring decision it turned out better than their fans would have thought it’d be.
“Apoptosis” is not just another Allegaeon album, but the album that shows the new way the band has taken after 4 studio albums. No, Allegaeon haven’t changed their sound entirely, but they have progressed in every part. The band’s extreme metal has been embellished with melodic parts, atmospheric touches, clean vocals and even classical guitar, while the technical and progressive elements along with the fast and mid tempos are there, offering an extra variety on the album’s music. The production is tight, heavy and modern. This is also the album that features the new bassist Brandon Michael.
“Apoptosis” will enthuse both the old and the new fans of the band. It showcases the band’s music progression over the year… and it even has an acoustic track, “Colors of the Currents”, which features the classical guitarist Christina Sandsengen, who duets with guitarist Greg Burgess. Certainly, the guys couldn’t just turn their music world upside down with this album, but it kinda more or less paves the way of what’s to come. I do think they will experiment a bit more in the future, but that’s not for now. Either way you see it, Allegaeon have moved forward musically and they did it successfully. If you consider yourself a fan of the technical & prog extreme metal sound, then “Apoptosis” is one of these albums that you should not miss by any means.