Alestorm - Sunset on the Golden Age

Alestorm Sunset on the Golden Age cover
Sunset on the Golden Age
Napalm Records
Instead of the bands and the musicians that take themselves too seriously and seem to have forgotten what rock/metal is all about, I totally prefer those who have fun, drink like crocodiles and take things cool.
Alestorm is a “comedy” folk/pirate power metal band which has one foot on RunningWild and the other on the fun/drink/folk metal. Hence do not expect any changes here. The same typical folk, power metal tracks with pirate and drink lyric themes. Apart from the characteristic folk/power formula which is fine… I have to confess that “Drink” is a great drink metal hymn! Raise your beer glass high and… say cheers!! “Hangover” is hilarious too. Other than those, the tracks are more or less the same but they do have a funny side most of the times. It’s not to be taken too seriously… but it’s not anything to go crazy at either.
The production is rather good and the folky atmosphere overflows. The vocals are fine for this specific style but some may not stand them at all. The growls are OK at times… but they do not add anything to the overall outcome. The limited edition CD includes a bonus CD entitled “Rumplugged”, which includes 5 unplugged versions of the band’s “greatest hits” plus the bonus track “Questing upon the Poop Deck”. If you are fond of drink/pirate themes and fancy folk power metal music with lots of sidesplitting features then you will find several good moments to revel in here…