Airbourne - Black Dog Barking

Airbourne Black Dog Barking cover
Black Dog Barking
Roadrunner Records
-“Hey kiddo, what’s up?”
-“Well, I’m looking for something but I don’t seem to find it. Can you help me”?
-“Sure, do you know the band’s name?”
-“No, I can’t remember it, my uncle told me about it and I wanna surprise him. It’s his birthday you know.”
-“OK, go ahead.”
-“There’s that band coming from Australia and they play hard rock & roll… their singer has a raspy voice and… well…”
-“Ohh, do not worry, I got it! You’re looking for Airbourne! They’re f@ckin’ great! Good choice!”
-“Ah… really? I can’t recall but this band seems to be really young.”
-“There’s no other bigger band from Australia. Yeah, they’re young but everyone’s talking about them… they’re bombastic!”
-“Yeah why not, but my uncle used to listen to the band that I’m looking for almost 30 years ago!”
-“What?! There hadn’t been a band with these specific characteristics that long back. Probably your uncle has mixed things up… hehe”.
-“Are you sure mister?”
-“Look kid, this is what I do for a living. Airbourne are not fooling around and there’s no band as good as they are”.
-“I remember! That band is called AC/DC!”
-“What? Are you a dinosaur lover weird kiddo? Is your uncle one?!”
-“What’s wrong with you mister?”
-“No, what’s your problem kiddo? AC/DC used to be 40 almost 50 or 60 years back, they were OK but none can be compared to Airbourne!”
-“OK whatever…”
-“Don’t whatever me… Airbourne are the AC/DC of our time… Oops!”
-“Yeap, I see… another clone band in the pipeline…”
-“Watch out your tongue little mister!”
-“OK, I’m sorry. Now… should I get a Black Sabbath album or Orchid will just do the trick… hihihi…?”
-“Get off my side now! You friggin twisted kiddo!”