Age Of Disclosure - To the Universe

Age Of Disclosure To the Universe cover
Age Of Disclosure
To the Universe
Kunz Soundcorp.
Age Of Disclosure is a Swiss band that in full force is either an octet or is just meant to be a studio project for the time being completed by no less than 4 different vocalists who bring to life Ben Sollbergers (one of two guitarist), while they also feature a couple of former Emerald (Swiss) members. Their style is heavy metal with some lyrical tendencies and a multitude of styles that change a bit depending on which of the four singers is leading the song, with most of them being quite mid-tempo centered with a few exceptions (the dude that sings a little like Barlow does some faster stuff ie “I Am Forever”) and none of the four vocalists is “world class” unfortunately, with some of them sounding like your generic weak Dickinson/Kiske clone, another a very generic Germanic power metal singer etc…
The multitude of singers absolutely doesn’t help in building a cohesive album experience with the few nice moments getting lost in the shuffle and overall confusion, as the lyrical concept gets quite in depth thus in some cases taking away from the tracks immediacy.
While there’s nothing majorly wrong with the release, the overall sense it leaves doesn’t lift the whole effort above mediocre to decent power metal in a bit of an identity crisis. Given more focus and a decision “on who” should front them – they might turn into something potentially very interesting down the road as Sollberger doesn’t lack decent riffs, but until they’ve taken those decisions… things will probably remain a little middle of the road, at least in my mind…