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Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush
Frontiers Records
True to its project-thing, Frontiers recs presents Adrenaline Rush, which is fronted by the hot blonde chick Tave Wanning (formerly part of the Teen-Pop duo Peaches). Tave is a fine singer too, even though her voice is not your ordinary one – and most of the times it’s a love/hate thing. The rest of the band consists of Ludvig Turner on lead guitar, vocals, Alexander Hagman on guitar, vocals, Soufian Ma'Aoui (Houston) on bass, vocals and Marcus Johansson (The Rockford Heroes) on drums.
The tracks have been recorded under the direction of producer Eric Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T), who also worked along with Tave on the songwriting part. The sound is full, hard rockin’ and powerful. Actually you can’t go wrong with Eric behind the mixing desk. He is among the top producers of our time.
Anyway, “Adrenaline Rush” is a decent hard rock album… the tracks are OK – even though this specific songwriting rock formula is way too overdone lately (especially in Frontiers projects)… but overall it will be a “good company” for the 43 minutes it lasts. Nothing too grandiose nor anything mediocre or dull. Also they’d better watch out for some “copy-paste” stuff… like in “Change”, which is a “faster” “Do You Like It” by Kingdom Come with a Motley Crue refrain! Just be more careful next time. If they keep it up as a band (and get rid of this project thing), they can probably achieve better goals in the future…