Ad Infinitum - Chapter I: Monarchy

Ad Infinitum Chapter I: Monarchy cover
Ad Infinitum
Chapter I: Monarchy
Napalm Records
Well, Ad Infinitum is a four piece, Swiss, female fronted symphonic metal band debuting on Napalm. They sound like more recent Delain, with the odd aspiration to sound like Within Temptation, but far more pedestrian and cliché melodies, chord progressions you’ve heard before and without being bad, they’re far from being original or exceptional at what they do. Obligatory harsh male vocals, in certain places, sound at best unconvincing and don’t add anything.
This disney metal has been done to death and very few albums are inspired. The progenitors of the genre Nightwish, as well as their best disciples have tried to shed their skin and change, but I suppose in that respect, AI should be given the benefit of the doubt, as this is their first offering and they do manage to deliver at least a convincing enough piece of work. I guess after a while I thought this sounded a little like a less ambitious, more straightforward Amberian Dawn album, without the disco elements, but with growls, which, in all honestly, I find both equally annoying in large doses.
“See You in Hell”, “Tell Me Why” and “Marching on Versailles” some of which are also offered as acoustic bonus renditions (in SE) are among the better tunes and I can happily report that the guitars are not buried in the mix and the overall production job is pretty solid and competent.
I guess and given some time and a little more originality these Swiss fellows and gal could really have a future. I guess time will tell, and if it takes too long, then that meeting in hell could be arranged.