42 Decibel - Rolling in Town

42 Decibel Rolling in Town cover
42 Decibel
Rolling in Town
42 db are a band from Argentina, that sounds almost like an exact copy of AC/DC with a bit of Rose Tattoo, thrown in and a singer Junior, who seems to be the long lost cousin of Bon Scott... they did debut a couple of years ago, with the unimaginatively titled “Hard Rock ‘n’ Roll” album. For a band from down under “there”, they've achieved to self-produce their sophomore to perfection with a quite massive sound. While 42 db have the charm of the pub-band variety, they do not quite match up them Aussies for brilliance.
Still they’re a million times better than bands like Bullet, who do rip off, the aforementioned style but fail to do much with it. 42 Decibel might not be original, as they do a complete impersonation of Bon Scott era AC/DC, but they do it quite brilliantly, well their riffs need a bit of spit n polish and they could do with a bit better choruses, but songs like “Midnight Teaser”, “Short Fused” etc. won’t bother you at all... you might actually like em. Originality ain’t their strong suit, but hey, who gives a $%#$?!