Untamed Land to release new studio album “Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” on October 8th 2021

Untamed Land Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms cover
Following the underground success of its 2018 debut, “Between the Winds”, Ohio, USA based project Untamed Land – the world’s very first metal band incorporating the feral sounds of classic, old western cinematics – will unbridle its sophomore release, “Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms”, via Napalm Records on October 8th, 2021.

While exploring influence and nuances from various strains of atmospheric metal, Untamed Land traverses wild new frontiers – evoking the ambiance of classic Ennio Morricone/Spaghetti Western soundtracks and traditional old western instrumentals. While some listeners may be quick to label this a purely black metal album before diving into its depths, this description only scratches the surface.

Take a listen to brand Untamed Land’s new single, “Clothed in Smoke”, and witness the track’s new music video today! The nearly 10-minute epic soars before peaking with a player piano-interlaced closing passage backed with fiddle, warning drums and electrifying guitars, adding a layered folk-like element to the already diverse offering.

Patrick Kern says:
“This song is probably the one most similar to the ‘epic’ atmospheric black metal approach taken by bands such as Summoning and Caladan Brood, but lots of other strains found their way in, such as doom metal, minimalism, and European/Celtic folk music. The title of the track, like the title of the album itself, is a phrase from McCarthy’s novel ‘Blood Meridian’, one of the darker western stories out there, and it perfectly fits the foreboding and mounting dread the music seeks to express”.

Watch the brand new music video for “Clothed in Smoke” below.

Untamed Land mastermind, composer and sole performer of all instruments (except for accented violin performances by Rita Torrens and vocal contributions by Caroline Joy and Jacob Wherley), Patrick Kern, was initially inspired by what he describes as pagan, cosmic and even “doomy” black metal when writing the album, but the material bloomed in a way that is much more multifaceted to be categorized so singularly.

Patrick Kern adds about the album:
“I would hesitate to call this a black metal album. It’s meant to be a cinematic journey into a dark and fantastical old west setting, and various genres and sounds are used to bring that story to life. Lyrically, whereas the previous album dealt with the eternal struggle of the solar hero, this time we delve into a sort of gnostic "Beauty and the Beast" story, ultimately revolving around the feminine role in creation and the tension between the world of matter and the world of forms. The album ended up reflecting my own spiritual journey that occurred all throughout the writing and production process. I had a great time experimenting with many different styles and sounds for this release and am excited to share this new chapter in the Untamed Land world!”...

The album begins with a haunting, yet whimsical old western inspired introduction, “Once Upon a Time in the Kenoma”, before ascending into the grimly epic, piano-laden “A Nameless Shape” – blending ghostly acoustics, doom-drenched riffs and icy screams as it cascades into a wave of blast beats, rhythmic guitars and operatic accent vocals. The track closes with a backing of dominant horns before leading into the introductory organs and forsaken rhythms of the dynamic, ebbing and flowing “Clothed in Smoke” – one of the album’s most movielike offerings. 15-minute standout “The Heavenly Coil” entrances with organ, harpsichord and acoustics before intertwining with progressive blackened metal ingredients instilled with outlaw temper. Like the veil of first dawn’s light, Spanish guitar and spirited drums close the track before effortlessly crossing into triumphant album closer “Achamōth”. 

“Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” is unique in all its facets – not only is it original, inspiring and an impressively eclectic album, it’s poised to cast the name Untamed Land on the lips of every experimental metal fan upon its release. In a dry landscape of repetitive noise as far as the eye can see, “Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” is an aural oasis.

“Like Creatures Seeking Their Own Forms” will be available in the following formats:
• CD Jewelcase
• Digital Album

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1. Once Upon a Time in the Kenoma
2. A Nameless Shape
3. Clothed in Smoke
4. The Heavenly Coil
5. Achamōth