Tom Gee to release new single “Say You Do” on July 31st 2020

Tom Gee Say You Do single cover
Today, Tom Gee announces the release of his new single “Say You Do”, which will be available on all major streaming sites from July 31st, 2020.

“Say You Do” is the first release in six years from the effortlessly brilliant Tom Gee, who has now returned to music after a break to focus on getting married and songwriting.  

“Say You Do” is an accomplished, cleverly written track which is sure to have a wide appeal and will doubtless attract attention for its sophisticated arrangement.  

John Mayer “I remember writing the chorus for "Say You Do" in 2015. It was a different tempo, in a different key with a different feel but the lyrics and the melody were there. They have stuck with me ever since. This song has been a real labour of love. I have 5 different versions of it saved on various hard drives and even more on voice notes that I have trawled through. Sometimes a song just happens out of thin air. Sometimes it takes 4 and a half years! 

Strangely this song felt like it had all the ingredients from a very early stage and every machination I managed to come up with somehow felt like I was selling the song short, it’s very hard to describe but I wanted to do the song justice and it took a long time for me to find something that I was happy with. When I fell upon this arrangement I knew immediately that the long search was over and I could let the song just exist and be what it was supposed to be. Having had several ups and downs and fallen out of love with music this song feels like the perfect piece to bring back to the table and I can’t wait to share it”.

Tom Gee - Guitar/Vox
Jim Moore - Bass
Tom Pattinson - Drums
David Levi - Keys
Matthew Newby - Saxophone
Joe Roughton - Trumpet