The Hornets to release debut full-length album “Heavier Than A Stone” on July 16th 2021

The Hornets Heavier Than A Stone cover
The coolest nights, you know, happen by chance. For The Hornets and the release of their first album, it was more or less like that. A band formed for fun, for leisure, to get out of the usual work routine, to give voice to some love failures, or to flip off a bad day, or simply to escape from other musical projects.

Featuring nine tracks of pure and passionated Rock ‘n’ Roll energy, the band’s debut full length record, titled “Heavier Than A Stone”, will be coming out on July 16th, 2021, via Go Down Records. With “Female Creed” The Hornets now unleashed the first single taken off the upcoming album.

Watch the video for “Female Creed” below.

“"Female Creed", not a simple description of the stereotypical female aspect, on the contrary! The opposite! We want to represent the multitude of colors and facets that characterize each of us, without distinction! And to make it clear, who more than a woman can do it!?”, the band comments.

“Heavier Than A Stone” will be coming out on July 16th, 2021, via Go Down Records and is now available for pre-order here.

01. Don’t Talk About Love
02. Female Creed
03. Superman (Nietzsche)
04. Get Out (..Baby Get Out!)
05. Fighting Man
06. The Best
07. 1997
08. Rockstar’s Syndrome
09. Not So Easy

Stefano Francia - Guitar, vocals
Alberto Francia - Bass, vocals
Giovanni Artioli - Guitar, vocals
Andrea Rovituso - Drums