Mindwork - Eterea & Into the Swirl out now

Divebomb Records has teamed up with Prague-based progressive/tech death metal act, MINDWORK, for the worldwide release of their two albums – "Eterea" and "Into the Swirl".
Their latest, "Eterea", is a jazz-infused technical death metal tour de force which will appeal to fans of such classic artists like Atheist, Cynic and Opeth. The new album finds the band introducing more dynamics and melody, vocally speaking, to their compositions while venturing into sonic territories not found on "Into the Swirl". MINDWORK truly are a thinking man's band, pushing forward the boundaries of metal.
Divebomb Records "Eterea" limited edition contains one bonus track – a cover of Cynic’s “Uroboric Forms”.
Stream "Eterea" in full now here.
Eterea - Tracklist:
1. Enter Eterea
2. Perceiving The Reality
3. The Stream Of Causality
4. Mind Renewal
5. Casuality (The Reconsiliation)
6. Reaping Of Waters
7. Stillness Of The Sea
8. Enthusiastic Waves
9. Eterea Collapse
Bonus Track:
10. Uroboric Forms (Cynic Cover)
While "Eterea" clearly sees MINDWORK bravely taking their sound into unchartered territories, "Into the Swirl" is a weighty and exceptionally impressive debut album, simply foreshadowing what was to come for this rising progressive death metal act. It is a symbiosis of all of the best thought-provoking extreme metal bands of the early ‘90s such as Pestilence, Coroner and Death and delivers an equally punishing display of technical finesse and death metal ferocity.
"Into The Swirl is one of the best debut albums to cross our desk in years" - Matt Rudzinski (DB Boss)
Divebomb Records "Into The Swirl" limited edition contains 4 bonus tracks – their 2008 demo.
Stream "Into The Swirl" in full now here.
Into The Swirl - Tracklist:
1. Into The Swirl
2. Unrecognized Entity
3. Inner Consciousness
4. Essence Of Existence
5. Freedom Of Mentality
6. Wretchlessness
7. Parasite
8. Twisted Priorities
9. On The Path To Oblivion
Bonus Tracks:
10. Inner Consciousness (Demo Version)
11. Freedom Of Mentality (Demo Version)
12. Wretchlessness (Demo Version)
13. Twisted Priorities (Demo Version)