The Kyle Gass Band to release new album “Thundering Herd” on September 2nd 2016

The Kyle Gass Band Thundering Herd cover
The Kyle Gass Band returns! Heavily armed with a bunch of new songs from their upcoming album “Thundering Herd” the band will play a full European tour visiting Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Benelux and UK. The supergroup from Los Angeles certainly earned their ‘Road Chops’ playing more than 50 shows on the continent in 2015 alone and go big this time, with more animals, broader mutton chops and fronting Mr. Kyle Gass (Tenacious D) himself. Voice phenomenon Mike Bray and guitar virtuoso John Konesky are aboard as well as Jason Keene, probably the best photographer ever to play bass guitar, not to forget the talented Tim Spier, drummer, Michael Jackson doppelganger and eye candy in one.

SPV Steamhammer will release the brand new Kyle Gass Band album titled “Thundering Herd” in time to launch the tour on September 2nd, 2016 as a digipak version, LP version and download. The 11 track beast was produced by the Kyle Gass Band in collaboration with John Spiker (Filter) and the result: “It’s a face melting classic rock album. We tried not to limit ourselves creatively this time around”, says guitarist John Konesky.

Responsible for mastering was Maor Applebaum (Faith No More, Sepultura, Halford), who had a clear vision for the sound of the album: “I went for an organic sound that is not slammed or pushed too hard and has a cohesive and Vinyl Style sound to make it feel as a continuous flow of the album”

The incredible hand-illustrated artwork by designer Will Fugman took 3 month from draft to completion and has already been revealed in the artwork commentary clip.

Pre-order “Thundering Herd” here.

01. Cakey (04:08)
02. Regretta (02:58)
03. Bro Code (02:55)
04. Hell Or High (03:04)
05. Bring Her Back Better (02:55)
06. Bone (02:30)
07. Uncle Jazz (02:28)
08. Mike Bray (Don’t Drink The Water) (03:42)
09. Mama’s Ma (03:47)
10. Gypsy Scroll II: Toot Of The Valley (05:02)
11. The Best We Could Do (In The Time Allotted) (03:48)

European Tour 2016:
02.09. DE Hamburg -  Fabrik
03.09. DE Rostock – Mau Club
04.09. DE Berlin – Lido
06.09. DE Jena – F-Haus
07.09. DE Dresden – Beatpol
08.09. DE Nürnberg – Hirsch
09.09. DE Munich – Strom
10.09. AT Vienna – Szene
11.09. AT Dornbirn – Conrad Sohm
13.09. CH Winterthur – Salzhaus
14.09. CH Solothurn – Kofmehl
15.09. DE Saarbrücken – Garage
16.09. DE Frankfurt – Batschkapp
17.09. DE Stuttgart - Cann
18.09. DE Cologne – Luxor
20.09. NL Haarlem - Patronaat
21.09. NL Eindhoven – Effenar
22.09. BE Antwerp – Zuiderpershuis
23.09. NL Hengelo – Metropol
24.09. FR Paris – Le Petit Bain
25.09. FR Nantes – La Scene Michelet  show I
26.09. FR Nantes – La Scene Michelet  show II
27.09. FR Toulouse – Sint Des Seins
29.09. FR Lille – La Peniche
30.09. UK London – The Dome