Head With Wings unveil stunning animation video for new single “Somewhere, Something Gives”

Head With Wings Somewhere, Something Gives video pic
Head With Wings collaborate with Ukranian director Igor Dovgotoles (The Black Soil) for sinister narrative based lyric video “Somewhere, Something Gives” that visually portrays the subject of terror through detailed animation.

You can view the dark and sinister lyric video directed by Igor Dovgoteles (The Black Soil) below.
Josh provides insight on “Somewhere, Something Gives”:
“The second Head with Wings single, "Somewhere, Something Gives" poses the question; to what extent are we willing to go to forgive the unforgivable? As a people, can we somehow forgive the unspeakable atrocities committed by those who are suffering themselves? The song pulls thematic and lyrical inspiration from the divisive portrayal of gun control and mental health issues in American society. Before 2012, it was never my intention to write a song inspired by gun violence, as Head With Wings doesn’t inherently have a specific political agenda in its music, but what I felt on December 14, 2012 was just overwhelming and resonated with the mood of the music we were working on and that marriage was undeniable. The sinking feeling that I felt those five or so years ago has never left me. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school shattered the notion of what was once a safe space for children and replaced it with fear”.

Josh goes on to talk about the collaboration with Igor and how they achieved their vision for the video:
“When it came time to find someone to collaborate with on the music video for "Somewhere, Something Gives", I was fortunate to come across the work of Igor Dovgoteles from Ukraine. Our goal was to create a narrative oriented lyric video that could tackle our subject matter with Igor’s trademark style (which has a celestial sci-fi flavor). As a fan of his videos, I was thrilled that he agreed to work with us after listening to our album. Igor has directed a few music videos for the metal band Jinjer, such as A Plus Or A Minus and I Speak Astronomy, which tastefully mesh digital effects and gripping cinematography with compelling narrative progression. At first glance, his style of filmmaking may seem removed from the typical emotional realm that Head with Wings resides in. To me, this provides a nice counterpoint to our "Goodbye Sky" music video and it proves that we don’t have to stick with what may be perceived as the obvious choice in how we choose to represent ourselves. Both of our music videos for this album visualize internal struggle that is brought on by external forces. If you knew Igor, you’d understand that he is right there with us; worried about the future and for the people of his country. In a recent conversation, Igor said to me, "This is our terror", referring to the deaths of innocent Ukrainian citizens amidst the Russian incursion in 2014. Our friendship wasn’t born from shared pleasantries but through the relatability of pain”.

Igor Dovgoteles also speaks about the collaboration:
“Time and space for me personally have always been inspirational. In this case, it was a challenge to direct our imagination into something more complicated and real. We often hear news about school shooters in the US. This phenomenon as such is not typical for Ukraine, but we can imagine the depth of the problem and its painfulness. For me, it shares a similar nature with a nightmare. Losing loved ones is difficult in any circumstance, but in the case of school shootings involving the deaths of children, this is an abyss and a very hard topic. Time and space for me personally have always been inspirational. In this case, it was a challenge to direct our imagination into something more complicated and real. Something relevant of this planet and of this reality that we share. The first thing that we completely understood in The Black Soil is that we do not want to propagate violence. We do not want to show blood. We wanted to avoid all of it and show the inner world of the protagonist; how this can all be in his head, told through images and symbols. Joshua has completely shared and supported our initiative in creating the video in our style”.

“From Worry to Shame” tells a story through melancholic and haunting soundscapes, with accompanying imagery as displayed through the physical product of the album, and video content that the band will be releasing on the journey to its release date.

You can pre-order “From Worry to Shame” here.

1. Goodbye Sky
2. Somewhere, Something Gives
3. In Memoriam
4. Misanthropy
5. From Worry to Shame
6. Beyond the Wall
7. Stepping Stone
8. In Dark Motel Rooms
9. Treading Lightly

The album's narrative revolves around a troubled school teacher who loses his daughter in a school shooting. This incident incites an insurmountable period of grief that destroys his marriage and leads to the suicide of his wife. The protagonist begins to withdraw from society and enters a long period of isolated depression. After a year or so of isolation, he finds himself as a new man; rid of the memories of his past and ready to replace them.

Inspiration for the album's chronicle can be linked to the likes of the Sandy Hook Massacre, the Cheshire Home Invasion, and the kidnapping/murder of Joshua's cousin, Meredith Emerson, in 2008. The release of “From Worry to Shame” marks a 10 year anniversary of Meredith's death, and Joshua wishes to raise awareness about the importance of remaining astute when journeying through life.