HammerFall and Candlemass Nominated for 2020 Grammis Awards in the category “Best Hard Rock / Metal Of the Year”

Grammis Awards logo
Swiftly following the recently announced first Grammy Award nomination for Napalm Records and Candlemass, the Swedish doom metal legends and Scandinavian heavy metal idols HammerFall are building upon this achievement with additional award nominations. Both bands have been nominated for 2020 Grammis Awards – the most prestigious award in the Swedish music industry.

In support of their latest releases, both bands have been nominated in the “Best Hard Rock / Metal of the Year” category. The ceremony will be held on February 6th in Stockholm, Sweden.

The nominees in the “Best Hard Rock/Metal of the Year” category are:
• HammerFall – Dominion
• Candlemass – The Door to Doom
• Entombed A.D. – Bowels of Earth
• Opeth – In Cauda Venenum
• The Flower Kings – Waiting for Miracles

HammerFall are no strangers to the spotlight of media and award shows. Since their impressive debut, “Glory to the Brave”, the Swedish pioneers had multiple chart-breaking successes over the years. Ranked second on the Swedish and Swiss charts, as well as fourth on German and American charts, HammerFall’s latest studio album, “Dominion”, successfully proved the band’s position as one of the main pillars of Swedish metal with monumental compositions and epic riffs. With a remarkable live music video to the first single, “(We Make) Sweden Rock”, HammerFall not only accentuated their connection to the country’s heritage, but also showcased their fiery passion for music. Their impressive relationship with fans contributed to the growing popularity of the group worldwide.

Guitarist Oscar Dronjak on the nomination: “Being nominated for the Swedish Grammis once again is a testament to the new album "Dominion" and our value in the Swedish hard rock/metal scene even after 20+ years of service. It just goes to show that steel will never rust or bend when handled properly”.

Singer Joacim Cans adds: “It’s a great honor to be on the shortlist for this alongside our brothers, who also make Sweden Rock!”...

Only just recently nominated for an American Grammy Award for “Astorolus - The Great Octopus” (featuring legendary Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi) in the category “Best Metal Performance”, this new Grammis nomination is another accolade for Candlemass’ most recent album, “The Door to Doom”. Emerging from the Swedish underground of the early 80’s metal scene, Candlemass paved the bumpy road for other metal acts. Undergoing multiple stylistic experiments and line-up changes, the Swedes built up their own musical Hall of Fame with the 2018 EP, “House of Doom”. The bewitching approach of “The Door to Doom” towards the dark art of doom metal merges with hypnotic riffs and Johan Langquist’s melancholic voice on eight demanding, yet spellbinding fatalistic anthems.

Band leader, bassist and creative mastermind Leif Edling states: “First a US Grammy nomination and now the Swedish equivalent - Grammis! Wow! It’s been a really good year for us and "The Door to Doom"! We’re just along for the ride on this crazy rollercoaster they call rock‘n’roll, and we’re extremely happy for all the extra attention we’re getting! Love from Candlemass!”...