Blackboard Jungle Reunion Show 2012

The return of Swingin' Thing is almost upon us! On Saturday June 2nd, Swingin' Thing along with Blackboard Jungle & The Glamour Punks will take the stage @ the world famous Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip! Be sure to get your tickets as they are going fast.
Grab your tickets here before the show is sold-out!!
In honor of this historic event, all CDs & DVDs from Swingin' Thing, Blackboard Jungle, The Glamour Punks and every other Sunset Strip band on our roster are now $10.99 or less in our store.
Make sure you grab your copies now so you can stomp along with every single song the boys are slammin' out that evening and discover some even more cool bands you might not have had the chance to check out yet!!