Assertion to release debut album “Intermission” on April 9th 2021

Assertion Intermission cover
Assertion, the new project of musician William Goldsmith, is unveiling “Supervised Suffering”, the first single off of the upcoming debut album “Intermission” set for release on April 9th, 2021, via Spartan Records.

Stream “Supervised Suffering” below.

“Intermission” marks the official return of the fabled drummer, who ten years ago, walked away from a successful music career that included stints as a founding member of Sunny Day Real Estate, The Fire Theft, and Foo Fighters.

Together with his Assertion bandmates, guitarist/vocalist Justin Tamminga and bassist Bryan Gorder, Assertion’s debut LP, “Intermission”, is real, propulsive, and earnest - a cathartic experience that proudly does not nestle nicely alongside current bands - or really many releases at all from the last couple decades.

The album conjures more connections to the heady grit and soaring grind of the 90s. Driving guitars anchored by a frenetic rhythm section. A haunting vocal delivery concealing a heartfelt sentiment. Track-by-track, the record builds into a dark and heavy crescendo but unpredictably retreats into delicate and fragile moments in masterful ways.

Goldsmith says: “A decade-long journey that started out walking away from music has led me right back to it and the very reason I started - but with a whole new appreciation and respect for it. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of this project. It’s not just about making music. It’s like a force of nature, but in an egoless collaboration that is nothing short of unconditional. The gratitude I have for being given the opportunity to release this music is beyond words. Thank you to everyone for your support through all these years”.

Pre-order & pre-save “Intermission” here.

1. Down Into the Depths
2. The Lamb to the Slaughter Pulls a Knife
3. Defeated
4. This Dream Does Not Work
5. Pushed to the Limit
6. Deeper in the Shallow
7. This Lonely Choir
8. Supervised Suffering
9. Set Fire