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TheNightTimeProject releases music video for new single “Final Light”

Melancholic progressive rock supergroup TheNightTimeProject have streamed their new single from their second album, “Pale Season”, due for release on June 28th, 2019, via Debemur Morti Productions.

The band has released a new single and video for “Final Light” - watch it below.

Russian Circles to release new studio album “Blood Year” on August 2nd 2019

Russian Circles named their 2016 album “Guidance” in reference to the uncertainty of the future. It was a fitting title for the times, with the album coming out a few months before America’s tumultuous presidential election, but it was intended more as a reference to the band’s own absence of a blueprint as they navigated their second decade as a band than as a social commentary.

TheNightTimeProject to release new studio album “Pale Season” on June 28th 2019

Introducing melancholic progressive rock supergroup Thenighttimeproject, who have announced their second full-length album “Pale Season”, due for release on June 28th, 2019, via Debemur Morti Productions.

Thenighttimeproject’s new single “Embers” will be released publicly on April 19th.


Hi Niklas… thx for taking the time to speak to Grande Rock about your new melancholic opus “The Fall of Hearts”…
N: Always a pleasure!
First, let me ask you about the line-up changes. Per (guitars) & Daniel (drums) left the band while Roger Öjersson (Tiamat) is the new guitarist and Daniel Moilanen (Runemagick, ex-Lord Belial) is the new drummer. He got to play only in 3 tracks on the album, if I’m not wrong huh?

Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts

“The Fall of Hearts” is the new studio album by the “kings” of melancholy and even though some things have remained the same, others have changed for the better. Surely Katatonia have stayed true to the style they created with “Last Fair Deal Gone Down” (an amazing album and probably my favorite Katatonia one).