Throes Of Dawn - Our Voices Shall Remain

Throes Of Dawn Our Voices Shall Remain cover
Throes Of Dawn
Our Voices Shall Remain
Argonauta Records
Six years after “The Great Fleet of Echoes”, where the band made a turn to the more atmospheric side of metal music, they’re back with “Our Voices Shall Remain”, which will positively surprise even the most loyal fans of the band. These Finnish guys have finally found the style that fits them best… if I may say so. The new additions to the band’s line-up are Henri Andersson on keyboards and Juuso Backman (ex-Swath) on drums. Unfortunately, the bassist Harri Huhtala has recently left the band due to health reasons and Jani Heinola (rhythm guitarist) will take over the bass duties from now on.
Musically, Throes Of Dawn present an amalgam of atmospheric, melancholic, post-rock/metal, avant-garde & psychedelic music. The atmospheric side of bands such as Pink Floyd, Anathema, Porcupine Tree, Tiamat, Katatonia, The Pineapple Thief among others has influenced the band’s music style on this album. A couple of tracks reminded me of the “A Deeper Kind of Slumber” era by Tiamat and really made me chill! They do not only go for the Floyd stuff like most atmospheric rock/metal bands are doing today, thing that has become a bit tiresome, but they have also embellished their sound with various psychedelic, poetic, ethereal, gloomy, esoteric & melancholic elements of the late 90s and early 00s era. For instance, the self-titled track, “Our Voices Shall Remain”, is a perfect sample of the above-mentioned musical blending. “One of Us is Missing” blends the atmospheric sides of both Floyd & Tiamat… and features an amazing sax solo by Henri. Another brilliant track on the album. I’d better stop here cuz I’m about to analyze each track.
The production is flawless… I’d described it as full, smooth and crystal clear. The album was engineered by Jarno Hänninen (Vanguard, Thyrien, The Undivine, etc.) & the band, mixed by Jarno, Juuso Backman & the band and mastered by (the new drummer) Juuso Backman. Finally, the album was produced by Throes of Dawn themselves.
“Our Voices Shall Remain” caught me totally off-guard and due to the tons of albums waiting to be reviewed, I didn’t have the time to listen to it properly earlier. I see that many acts are trying in vain to release atmospheric albums nowadays and the only thing they do is copy/paste Pink Floyd’s music mostly. Even the so called big bands have lost their inspiration and are not releasing albums like the ones they used to. Then again, there are bands that have been away for quite some time, just like Throes Of Dawn and they come back with their best album to date! How cool is that! At any rate, “Our Voices Shall Remain” is an inspiring, arty & stimulating atmospheric album that will enthuse all those who are seeking such kind of music. In all conscience, “Our Voices Shall Remain” is one of the finest atmospheric albums of 2016… so do not let it go by for any reason.