Threshold - For the Journey

Threshold For the Journey cover
For the Journey
Nuclear Blast
After the tragedy the band went through and the previous album that meant Damian’s return, Threshold strike back with their new release “For the Journey” only two years later. With the personal sound the band has created over the years and their immense riffy, progressive, atmospheric and melodic style, they present a tad gloomier side of theirs on this album.
I’ve spent a couple of weeks listening to “For the Journey” again and again, sometimes by reading the lyrics along and others not. The lyrical part is magnificent as always. Threshold is one of those bands that always deliver thought-provoking lyrics. Musically and sound-wise, Karl and Richard seem to be in a great shape, along with the other guys obviously. The guitar solos, the keys (lead or not) and the music harmonies are quite refined and more creative since the previous work. Damian sings with unique passion and intensity… and the atmospheric passages are murkier and more intense. Let alone the very careful backing vocals which are very tasteful. Furthermore, the production which has been delivered by Karl and Richard is once again massive, heavy and full in every part.
A thing that one will notice after listening this album several times is the amazingly catchy hooklines each track has. “For the Journey” might be a bit gloomier, as I said earlier, but it’s fairly more melodious too.
The up-tempo heavy-prog “Watchtower on the Moon” opens the album very forcefully, but after that the pace somehow calms down on the next tracks…
“Unforgiven” showcases that slight darker side of Threshold. A very enthralling refrain, a superb guitar solo along with a rather stimulating lyric theme.
“The Box” is the lengthy classic progressive track of the album, around 12 minutes long. Change of moods, rhythms, atmosphere and themes. This one will mostly enthuse the band’s prog-freaks who are fond of extensive progressive tracks.
“Turned to Dust” reminds the tracks of the previous album a bit. Its heavy riffs along with the atmospheric keys and the strong refrain turn it to be among the top tracks on the album eventually.
“Lost in Your Memory”, is a slow-tempo track and it could even be taken as a ballad (in the classic term of the word), if it weren’t for the intense second part. The hooklines are incredible (and the backing vox) as well as the guitar solo.
“Autumn Red” was the first track which caught my interest right away since the very first listening. I couldn’t get the refrain out of my mind for days. An astonishing melodic heavy prog hymn… done under the known Thresh style.
“The Mystery Show” is a slow/mid-tempo track… coming right after “Autumn Red” it leaves you no other choice than to revel in. The fantastic melodious refrain will also remain in your mind for days. Another ace up Thresh’ sleeve!
“Siren Sky” starts out very strongly with a heavy riff and turns out atmospheric and harmonious to some extent; it also has a wonderful orchestral part right before the end…
The bonus track “I Wish I Could” is the drummer’s Johanne composition which was written a few years back. Karl and Richard arranged it so as to fit the album’s sound in general. Even though the verses are mid-tempo, it has a heavy-power metal burst on the refrain. Pretty gratifying track.
Threshold are veterans. They are one of the very few bands that have a distinctive sound and that melodic, heavy and progressive music amalgam is vastly inspired and artistic. Their music brings fans, which are not only into prog metal music, to their camp. Threshold have been widening their progressive musical horizons for years now and they are pushing their own music boundaries even further with every new release. “For the Journey” deserves a place in your album collection as not only is the course of a journey important but the very essence of it as well…