The Man From RavCon - Strange Universe

The Man From RavCon Strange Universe cover
The Man From RavCon
Strange Universe
RavCon Records
The Man From RavCon is the personal musical vehicle of multi-instrumentalist Mike Brown (The Ravelers). The first release came out in 2010 and since then Mike has been going on releasing albums whenever he feels like.
His newest release, “Strange Universe”, is an instrumental atmospheric prog rock album with various psychedelic, ambient, cinematic & melodic elements. Mike never goes over the top as he knows exactly how to keep a good balance among his influences and he never makes the listener feel bored, as it’s rather often with instrumental albums. On the contrary, every track is well-crafted with nice melodic & atmospheric parts. Listening to it nonstop is an enjoyable procedure and I think that headphones can make the whole music-journey” even more enthralling. Bits from Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield and so on may come to mind, while listening to this album and, really, you have to give it to a musician like Mike for blending his influences so well altogether.
It’s very encouraging to see such independent releases to be out in general. No musician should struggle and they must always express their inner feelings. This is precisely what Mike is doing and one should give him the credit for serving the music as an art. “Strange Universe” is an intense, well-made & motivating instrumental music album that will please all those who fancy beautiful soundscapes full of fine melodies & atmospheric passages…