Starlight Brigade - Destination Eternity

Starlight Brigade Destination Eternity cover
Starlight Brigade
Destination Eternity
Cadot Records
There are times that you happen upon a new release and it grabs your attention right away. I guess these albums are the ones you should listen to thoroughly so as to get their inner musical essence. I tend to put numerous tracks from albums that I have for presentation in my playlist while working on Grande Rock… and I must tell you that only a few of them hit me right away. Of course, you cannot have an opinion on an album without listening to it carefully, but here I’m talking about the first impression.
“Destination Eternity” is the third full-length release by the Swedish Starlight Brigade, formed in 2012. Anders Nilsson is the mastermind, composer & multi-instrumentalist behind this music project. Then again Anders has around 13 (!) musicians by his side in order to deliver the goods and so he does! Hence there are: : Peter Sundell (Grand Illusion, C.O.P.) on lead vocals, Micael Lilja on lead vocals & lead guitar, Peter Hjalmarsson on lead vocals, saxophone & flute, Anders Landin on lead guitar, Jerry Grimaldi on bass, Håkan Sandberg & Gregg Thomas on drums and Lene Johansson & Karin Hallström on backing vocals. Quite a line-up, don’t you think?!
Starlight Brigade’s music style can be described as an amalgam of prog rock, atmospheric, pop-rock, classic rock with psychedelic touches. Acts like Pink Floyd, The Alan Parsons Project, The Beatles, Supertramp, Porcupine Tree, Camel, Marillion and so on may cross your mind while listening to “Destination Eternity”. The production is smooth, clear and full…
“Destination Eternity” features 15 tracks and lasts around 63 minutes. Regardless of the album’s long duration, it is meant to be listened to at any time of the day and multiple times without boring the listener at any point. On the contrary, it will be hard not to listen to it from start to finish… believe it, this is the 3rd time in a row that I’m listening to it and still I’m captivated by its emotional atmosphere and the wonderful orchestrations… let alone the great vocals and the lead guitars.
It’s true that you do not get to listen to such well-crafted and complete albums nowadays, not even by the big bands of this genre anymore. Then again, searching for good music all the time, always pay you back. “Destination Eternity” is an amazing atmospheric prog rock album that deserves your time & money no matter what...