Simon Phillips - Protocol 4

Simon Phillips Protocol 4 cover
Simon Phillips
Protocol 4
Phantom Recordings
Simon Phillips is a British drummer, songwriter & producer that has been part of Toto and has played with various bands throughout his career, such as Judas Priest, Camel, The Best, The Who & Ultimate Zero among others. I do not think that Simon needs any special introduction, as those who fancy rock & jazz/fusion music know exactly who Simon is and his talents.
“Protocol 4” is the fourth album part of the “protocol” series, two years after part 3. The new album has two major line-up changes. The terrific veteran guitar shredder Greg Howe (Howe II, Maragold, Ultimate Zero) and the keyboard virtuoso Dennis Hamm (Thundercat, Jonathan Butler, Allan Holdsworth) have stepped in. And, in truth to be told, they both have added their own music stamp to Simon’s new album. Especially Greg is all over the place and he is “leading” the way with his special guitar skills. All the tracks were written by Simon while on tour.
“Protocol 4” can be described as an amalgam of jazz/rock, jazz/fusion, funk, atmospheric, classical and world music. The performances are top-notch and the production, which it was done by Simon, is warm & lush on the whole. It’s likely that “Protocol 4” is the best part from all the previous “protocols” (1, 2, 3), but that’s not the point here in my humble opinion. The actual point of albums like “Protocol 4” is to enjoy the music that is delivered by a bunch of superb musicians without any compromises and restrictions. “Protocol 4” addresses those who fancy music at large, far from labels and genres…