Shy - Unfinished Business

Shy Unfinished Business cover
Unfinished Business
I was really thrilled when I listened to “Unfinished Business” for the first time back in 2002 and writing a review was the least I could do for this magnificent album. Of course, I made a mistake back then… I should have rated the album with half a point more but I wanted time to tell whether my judgment was right or if I was just overexcited because I hadn’t heard from the band for over ten years plus, they had been and still are one of my beloved hard rock bands.

I’m really glad for I acted wisely back then and did choose the album as one of the best of 2002. But now after a decade or so… I’m pretty sure that “Unfinished Business” is the best album of Shy and one of the best melodic hard rock albums of all time! Everything on this album works perfectly… the songwriting is astonishing, Tony’s performances are the best ever, Steve’s guitars and solos are marvelous… while all the guys are giving some fantastic performances on this album.

I remember having chosen some songs from the album… just to give a hint of the music but that was wrong for all songs are exceptional and it’s hard to pick which one is better… I should have presented them all! The production is clear and rockin’ and the atmosphere that surrounds the album is unique… sometimes… it is kind of nostalgic, other times more powerful and at times more melancholic…

The words I write today are not far away for the original review of the album I did almost a decade ago. And I’m proud of that, as I have stayed true to my first opinion. The only bad thing is that Steve Harris that charismatic guitarist/songwriter passed away and there won’t be any other Shy album. I decided to present this album in the Hall of Fame some time ago… but Steve’s loss made it a priority as an honor to this brilliant guitarist.

I would suggest you all find and buy the Japanese version of the album, not only since it offers two bonus tracks (the demo versions of “Skydiving” & “Breakaway”) but it also has a much better sound than the European one. “Unfinished Business” is one of those CDs that will make your album collection “richer” by any means! This is an eternal hard rock gem… and will always be considered as one… no matter how many years will pass…

PS1: Click here to read the original review in 2002.

PS2: I’ve been informed that some blog sites, which are offering links for downloading albums for free, have copied and changed some written words of my review above and have presented it like it’s theirs. Of course, no one was kind enough to refer to the original post and they all hide behind anonymity, for that’s the only thing they do know to do well. Those guys do no respect the readers, the musicians, the bands, the press, the reviewers, the labels (especially the small ones)… they do not respect themselves… they are indeed useless people and thieves! Shame on them, but as you already know, the Internet is a big place where lots of people are stealing and copying the work of others in order to have a life, so what I have to say is… get a life you losers… (posted on April 20th, 2012)

Tony Mills - Vocals
Steve Harris - Guitars
Roy Davis - Bass
Paddy McKenna - Keyboards
Bob Richards - Drums

1. Skydiving
2. Change Of Direction
3. Breakaway
4. Mary-Anne
5. Communicate
6. Heaven Tonight
7. Whole Lotta Feelings
8. Storyline
9. Can’t Stop Lovin’ You
10. No Other Way
Japanese bonus tracks:
11. Skydiving (demo version)
12. Breakaway (demo version