Royal Hunt - Cast in Stone

Royal Hunt Cast in Stone cover
Royal Hunt
Cast in Stone
NorthPoint Productions
After very busy 3 years for Royal Hunt and for the band’s mastermind André Andersen himself, they are finally back with their new work entitled “Cast in Stone” that has been released independently this time. André told me that his was part of a general change and of course a kinda attentive move, cuz they wanted to get more involved into the music business. As for the album title André said it is like re-cementing what the band is all about, in a way.
“Cast in Stone” is definitely a well-crafted album that has a great musicianship and terrific orchestrations on the whole. Production-wise André decided to “go back” to the analog sound and make the overall sound/production more warm, full and sweet, as it used to be back in the day. That’s no secret that lots of bands are going back to the analog sound these days… you see that over-compressed digital sound has become a bit tiresome at large.
Apart from the wonderful melodies, you’re going to enjoy the amazing performances by the exceptional vocalist DC Cooper to the fullest; he’s one of a kind, either way you see it. The duo André-DC is among the best in metal music history. The catchiest track is “The Wishing Well” that grabs you right away with its fantastic pre-chorus and chorus. Furthermore, after several listens you’ll find out that every single track on the album, will gratify you in their own way… but they need some time, so as to reveal their “secret” charm.
“Cast in Stone” needs several listens so as to be valued thoroughly… as a matter of fact, it has to offer something extra to the listener each time. Royal Hunt is indeed one of the top symphonic metal acts of our time!
PS: Get “Cast in Stone” here.