Paul Gilbert - I Can Destroy

Paul Gilbert I Can Destroy cover
Paul Gilbert
I Can Destroy
Apparently Paul Gilbert’s, 18th or so solo album, was released a few months back in Japan, but wasn’t even getting an announcement for the rest of the world. Until now.
Well, I’m not sure how shred freaks will take it… all the while, it seems to be a logical continuation of his past two albums, it’s even more bluesy and song oriented than before, obviously with the technique being consistently high, the song craft being first class and Gilbert’s sense of humor keen as ever.
The pretty funky and a little bizarre opener “Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signals” sounds as if it has JK Simmons (?!) saying that phrase hahaha!
“I Can Destroy”, according to Paul, was inspired by his young son, who sort of takes things apart as a learning process of sorts… and it’s an interesting, tasteful and quirky number with some pretty fluid portions.
“Knocking on a Locked Door” sees Paul joined by Tony Spinner and Freddie Nelson (US) on singing duties and this is a bit of a complimentary piece of “Individually Twisted”, there’s more than a passing semblance.
“One Woman Too Many” is even more bluesy, but the hoarse and low vocal doesn’t help it, as much as its beautiful lead does.
“Woman Stop” sounds like something that Aerosmith could have cooked up in the 70s. Only even more laid back.
“Gonna Make You Love Me” has Freddie Nelson also assuming singing duties, lead this time and let’s say that while he might not be a better singer than Paul, it quite likely that he’s a more pleasant singer, with a more interesting timbre. It’s a rather typical rock n roller, a rather relaxed one at that, but a good fun jam.
“I Am Not the One (Who Wants to Be With You)” – you have to love a guy with such a great sense of humor. He’s obviously making fun of one of Mr Big’s biggest hits, in a fast paced tune that’s the antithesis of everything and almost inane. But that solo! Wow, it has everything but the kitchen sink. That’s meant as a compliment by the way.
“Blues Just Saving My Life” is as bluesy as you‘d expect.
“Make It (If We Try)” isn’t the best song on the album but its chorus is rather uplifting and you can’t help but ultimately like it.
“Love We Had” I positively didn’t like, too much of a “Country/Americana” ballad. I was bored, despite the nice performance on the guitar.
“I Will Be Remembered” is pretty good, a soft rocker, with a drifting chorus that’s quite 50s/60s vocal group like in flavor.
“Adventure and Trouble” is quite cool, a ‘laxed jam with some impressive licks and a very breezy sensation running through it all.
Now depending on the “edition” you get, you ‘ll either have “Sugar”, a funky and sweet little rock ditto with Freddie Nelson singing on it and one of the nicest songs on the album or the “Great White Buffalo” (I assume a TN cover?)… my copy had “Sugar” poured on it :D
Probably a little too bluesy in places, not that, that’s inherently a bad thing, provided you’re in the mood. I could also do with some more Freddie Nelson since this is completely vocal.
If you like Gilbert, you’re very likely going to enjoy this un as well. If you wanted “shred”, you’ll be disappointed, despite having some pretty cool sections with finger twiddling passages and some nice drumming. Listen up and make your own mind up if in doubt. I likey.