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Mercury Rust
Mercury Rust
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I do not think that there’s any rock/metal fan out there that does not fancy and respect bands like Rainbow, Deep Purple, Dio, Whitesnake and so on. Even though there are not many bands that follow that music legacy, at least successfully out there, every so often a newcomer appears that pays its respects to that rock heritage and follows the music path of the music giants of hard rock & metal music.
Mercury Rust is a brand new band, from Sweden, which was formed in 2015. The guys seem to have a thing for Blackmore’s music and they are not afraid to show their preference for this kind of hard rock/melodic metal music. They have studied their lessons very well and they present a very well-crafted album that even Ritchie himself will respect it. All the performances are wonderful and the production is full, rockin’ & powerful. The album was mixed, mastered and produced by Erik Berglund.
Guitarist & songwriter Tomas Nystrom, is a hell of a player and his solos are simply amazing! It’s been a while since I’ve heard such refined & melodious guitar leads. The same goes for keyboardist, Joakhim Aslund, who also plays fabulously. Singer Christer Gärds (Eternal Of Sweden) has a great raspy voice that, at times, reminded me of Mats Levén. Drummer is the well-known Daniel Liljekvist (Ikhon, In Mourning, ex-Katatonia) and bass player, the also known, Pierre Stam (In Mourning, Palefeather, ex-October Tide).
The band’s debut album has been released independently so it’s only available digitally at the moment. I do hope it gets a physical release soon, cuz I’d like to have it on CD, with its booklet, cover artwork and the rest. All seven tracks are highly enjoyable, but I think that “Behind the Gates” is the top moment of the album and one of the best tracks for 2017. Honestly, if you like any of the abovementioned acts and hard rock/melodic metal music in general, do not let this album slip you by for any reason. Mercury Rust is an up-and-coming act that has all the potential to become successful over the next years and I hope they do so in all conscience. Mark my words…at some point this band will be “discovered” by the masses, but remember where you read about them first. The biggest surprises always come from independent bands and Mercury Rust are no exception… well-done guys!