Maverick - Big Red

Maverick Big Red cover
Big Red
Metalapolis Records
Maverick is a fairly new band from the UK, which was formed in 2012, and this is their second full-length release. The guys are true to the hard rock roots of both the UK & US… and they are skilled enough to deliver the goods. I remember listening to their debut almost 2 years ago but now they guys are back with an even more mature and rockin’ album.
“Big Red” is full of fine catchy tracks with rockin’ guitars, great solos, excellent vocals and catchy melodies. Hell yeah! Isn’t that what hard rock music is all about?! Bet it is! Well, after listening to “Big Red” you will remember the good ol’ dayz of hard rock music. Add a little sleazy/glam to the final outcome and “Big Red” is ready to be served to all the rockers. For instance take the track & video for “Asylum”, where Kane Roberts (Alice Cooper, solo) & Jakob Samuel (The Poodles) are participating. Incredible track, as it will remind you of an era long gone but not forgotten! The production is full, rocking and powerful. It ain’t “retro” or too modern, as most bands are doing these days.
It’s true that there aren’t many bands that play like this nowadays and Maverick is a band that’s worth checking out and being supported by those who fancy hard rock music, not only cuz they play this kind of music “straight from the heart” and they do it friggin well, but also cuz they blend the old (80s-90s) with the new one (00s-10ss) together successfully. I think you had better not miss these guys if they happen to play somewhere near you cuz they gonna rock you for good. All things considered, “Big Red” is a magnificent hard rock album that should not be missed by all those who fancy this kind of music… well-done dudes!