Lorenguard - Eve of Corruption

Lorenguard Eve of Corruption cover
Eve of Corruption-The Days of Astasia-Pt1
Independent Release
Lorenguard is a US heavy/power metal band that was formed in 2004 by the guitarist Christopher Cruz (ex-Demiricous), the drummer Brady Sadler and the bassist Adam Sadler. They managed to release an EP entitled “Of Tales to Come” with Rob Stith on vocals in 2005. A little later, in 2007, Stith was replaced by Robb Graves (ex-Winterfell). Since then the band’s line-up hasn’t changed… but also the band didn’t release any new material.
Gratefully, it seems that the guys were working on a very ambitious musical concept, all these years and the time to present the first Part of this work has finally come. The story from where the band was inspired to write the music was based on the literary work of the band’s drummer, Brady Sadler. “Eve of Corruption” is based on the homonymous novel, which will be released in early 2012. All ten songs on the album are chronologically following the events and the characters of the novel. “The Days of Astasia”is a series of fantasy novels telling the tales of Lorenguard. Set in the conflicted world of Athland, where the Balance of power that was once maintained by the long-dormant Archangels slowly begins to wane, this is a trilogy of high fantasy, heavy metal, and lasting adventure.
Beginning with Book One - “Eve of Corruption”, author (and drummer) Brady Sadler sets the scene for Lorenguard’s music by introducing readers to a vivid cast of characters. From the valiant and conflicted members of the Lorengaurd, to the tragic victims of the Burning One’s dark influence, the inhabitants of Athland are thrust into an epic struggle against uncertain foes. As seven unlikely heroes unite in this dark time, the ripples of the crumbling Balance will test their worth and determine if they fall to the wicked temptations of corruption. It looks indeed like a very interesting fantasy story…
Musically, the album is influenced by US and mostly European heavy/power metal music… there are some epic, fantasy, neoclassical, symphonic, progressive, atmospheric and folk elements spread here and there on all the songs. The musical tempos vary from song to song and so the mood of the listener. The “inspired” music always helps the listener to create various pictures in his mind… much more when the fantasy story is actually exciting and epic. Every song tells a story and needs your full devotion so as to be part of that imaginary world that Lorenguard is confessing…
Just to give you a hint bands like: Rhapsody (of Fire), Gamma Ray, Blind Guardian, Manowar, Burning Starr, Pyramaze, Kamelot and Nightwish… will cross your mind while listening to this album. But the good thing with this album is that the musicians preserve their musical identity/personality without trying to copy the bands that have influenced them… therefore, they present something fresh, tasteful and inspirational that won’t dissatisfy any fan of heavy/power metal music. Lots will be pleasantly surprised when listening to this album.
This is a completely independent release, produced and funded by the band and that’s what makes the whole effort more worthy. The production is very good, tight and clear, better than most heavy/power metal bands that are supported by the big labels. The album has been mixed by Ermz at Systematic Productions, engineered and produced by Christopher Cruz at Blast City Studios and mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson at Panic Room Mastering. The cover art work (impressive indeed – do you remember a time when artworks were essentially important?) and character illustrations were done by Julie Dillon, while the song illustrations, graphic design and logo treatment by Andrew Navaro. Generally, “Eve of Corruption - The Days of Astasia - Part One” is a very well-produced, well arranged and well written metal album. I do not wanna distinct any songs… for they all play a specific role in the story that’s developing throughout the album…
I’m really impressed by this album that’s why I’ve chosen to present it here on Grande Rock. Beyond any label’s benefits, we must support excellent pieces of work like this one. Do not forget that music was an underground movement (and still is a part of it) that’s not stimulated by anyone’s interests… apart from the unconditional love of its fans. Independent releases like this one, indicate the true face of good free metal music. “Eve of Corruption - The Days of Astasia - Part One” is one of the finest heavy/power metal albums, and possibly the best metal debut, of the year… support the band for they have released an amazing album and your support will help them to offer us more great music in the future…