Karnya - Coverin’ Thoughts

Karnya Coverin’ Thoughts cover
Coverin’ Thoughts
Bakerteam Records
Another newly formed band form Italy that’s not into power metal (that’s “weird” indeed!) but more into prog rock/metal music. The band was founded after the three original members, the bassist Enrico Sandri, (Utopia), the keyboardist Dario Di Pasquale (ZEN) & the vocalist/guitarist Riccardo Nardocci (solo) came together and decided to mix their different musical backgrounds and create some music from scratch.
“Coverin’ Thoughts” is the band’s debut release… a rather emotional, prog, deep, diverse & rich concept album. For about 68 minutes Karnya will take you for a ride through various complex, melodic, expressive, esoteric & atmospheric music-scapes. The performances as well as the song arrangements are excellent. Some times more into prog rock and mellow… while others a tad metal and heavier. Additionally, several classical, electronic, modern, 70s rock, symphonic, power & metal features can be found hither and thither. The blending is being done beautifully, though. A great example is the 16-minute tune “A Paraphreniac Menticide”. I believe that this track defines the whole album in a way. The band also managed to achieve an efficient production, as the album was mixed by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Valkiria, etc.) at Outer Sound Studios in Rome, Italy and mastered by the eminent Jens Bogren (James LaBrie, Opeth, Katatonia) at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden. There are some guest appearances by Francesca Naccarelli (vocals), Claudio Nigris (orchestrations), Chiara Ludovisi (violin) and Luca Urbinati (drums).
There’s a possibility for this album not to be appreciated properly as it’s somewhat complex and its music diversity & mood change may not appeal to everyone. Moreover, it does need time & devotion when listening to it. It’s a grower but only with repeated listens can it be cherished more. I listened to this album fairly a few times, then left it aside and came back to it after a while and so on, just to see where this all leads and if it truly had something more to give on the whole. I wish I had more time on my hands though. Karnya did something fairly ambitious & worth checking out here. Karnya enters the prog rock/metal scene with confidence and supremacy! “Coverin’ Thoughts” is a stunning & aspiring release by any means. I can’t see how the prog aficionados will be able to stay away from this imposing prog rock/metal opus…