IZZ - Crush of Night

IZZ Crush of Night cover
Crush of Night
Doone Records
The start was made with “The Darkened Room” in 2009 for this New York based prog rock moniker. “Crush of Night” is the second part of a thematic album-trilogy that will be concluded on the band’s next release.
The tempos vary from song to song… even on the same song as well, as there are two songs here that are over 13 minutes each… the blending of pop melodies, with prog rock (70s-80s-90s), neo-prog/modern passages, jazzy & atmospheric moments, wonderful synth/piano/guitar themes and beautiful vocal melodies will intrigue those who are fond of complex song arrangements and nice harmonies. This is a progressive release… that needs time, attention and dedication so as to be part of the exploration of one’s journey of self-knowledge, doubt and ultimately the search for meaning… as the concept conveys. The musicianship is very strong and sometimes the orchestrations are too complex to watch/comprehend if you’re not into prog rock music. There’s also a distinguishable guest appearance by the guitarist Gary Green of Gentle Giant on “Words and Miracles” (electric guitar, guitar solos & backing vocals) and “Crush of Night” (guitar solo). Anmarie also delivers some wonderful & passionate vocal performances whenever the music demands to.
There’s no doubt that if you fancy the bands’ previous works and especially, the first part of the trilogy, “The Darkened Room”, their new release won’t appeal to you in any part. Probably, you’ll have to wait for the third part so as to choose which your favorite one from this trilogy is… but you cannot bypass the fact that “Crush of Night” will give you “food for thought” while listening carefully to it…