Dusan Jevtovic - No Answer

Dusan Jevtovic No Answer cover
Dusan Jevtovic
No Answer
MoonJune Records
Dusan Jevtovic returns with his new studio work titled “No Answer”, along with Vasil Hadzimanov on acoustic piano (also Fender Rhodes & Mini Moog) and Asaf Sirkis on drums. This time Dusan chose to work without a bass player and that thing kinda gives more room to guitar and keyboards for further experimentation.
“No Answer” is a fully atmospheric album. The members experiment and improvise by blending jazz, fusion, rock and progressive music together, but without losing the atmospheric essence of the compositions. The musicianship is superb and everyone is adding that little “extra” thing so as to make the final outcome somewhat more absorbing. The production is clear and full.
I know it ain’t easy for every music fan out there to listen to instrumental experimental music, but those who fancy music on the whole, aside from genres and labels, do know that talented musicians feel the need to improvise and experiment from time to time, so as to feel freer and more alive in the “limited music world” we all live in. “No Answer” is a fine album but not for every day or all the time.