Belladonna - Shooting Dice with God

Belladonna Shooting Dice with God cover
Shooting Dice with God
Independent Release
It ain’t of minor importance to be around for less than a decade and tour, play, record & release albums and have “created” your own music path. That’s more or less what Belladonna have achieved in almost 8 years of existence. “Shooting Dice with God” is the band’s fourth full-length release… and as they like to call it their “rock noir” keeps evolving and maturing with years.
But what’s “rock noir”? Well, it’s a term which was “invented” by the band itself so as to better describe their music. Were I to give a description, I would say that rock music has been embellished with gothic, pop, art, piano, atmospheric, emotional, post-punk, alternative, romantic, murky & erotic elements. The album’s mysterious & “weird” atmosphere makes the final outcome quite appealing eventually. Luana’s beautiful voice wonderfully surrounds the band’s rock noir music, as it does travel you in grey, not somber but in between; it’s neither too gloomy nor too shiny. The first-rate production leaves no second thoughts for the album’s overall music quality. All credit goes to the guitarist Dani Macchi, who did such a wonderful job on the production & the mastering.
Assuredly, Belladonna ain’t an ordinary, pop-rock, gothic, easy-listening band that you come across in your everyday life. They’ve crafted a rather individual music approach with various moody, enigmatic & erotic features that’s very alluring & captivating. Belladonna are presenting something that will “seduce” several followers and specifically those who are dotty about unordinary and “eccentric” music. I do fancy happening upon “strange” releases that have something diverse yet classy to offer and “Shooting Dice with God” is one of those albums. If you are looking out for something else, out of the everyday stuff, then give this album a try… How easily can you escape “Wonderlust”?!