Avantasia - The Metal Opera Pt. II

Avantasia The Metal Opera Pt. II cover
The Metal Opera Pt. II
AFM Records
OK, things here are simple: we are talking about one of the best power metal albums of the year!!! Those who don’t know Avantasia should be ashamed of themselves. It is the side project of Edguy’s singer Tobias Sammet.
This is the second part (the first one was released last year and it was equally amazing), and for once more the musicians who take part are dazzling: Henjo Richter (guitars), Grosskopf (bass), Holwarth (drum God) and Tobias hold the leading parts, with special appearance from Kiske, Defeis, Sharon Den Adel, Rob Rock, Andreas Matos, Kai Hansen, Bob Catley, Timo Tolki, Oliver Hartmann, Eric Singer and the list goes on!!!!!
The result is astonishing: inspired power metal songs, full of melodies, passion, noble feelings and anything you can imagine. We are talking about a music orgy of high quality, which carries you away with its power. According to my opinion (although I might be exaggerating) the two parts of “The Meta Opera” can be for the 00s what Helloween’s “Keeper...” albums have been for the 80s!!! Complete masterpieces-beacons for the rest to follow and draw inspiration. A must purchase.