AtomA - Skylight

Napalm Records
Rising from the ashes of Slumber (what a great album they did release back in 2004), Ehsan Kalantarpour (vocals/synth), Siavosh Bigonah (bass) & Markus Hill (guitar) along with drummer Oscar Borgenstam & vocalist/guitarist Christian Älvestam (ex-Scar Symmetry, Solution .45) formed AtomA in 2011. They are probably inspired by the atomic theory for the cosmos (and the word Atoma) which the famous philosopher Democritus invented almost 2,500 years ago. Burning bridges with the past, they are presenting something totally different and musically stimulating. Looking at the magnificent cover artwork… makes you wanna travel into the deep space and reach other unknown places… that are waiting out there. Gratefully, the music here will prepare you to start your journey… 
It’s hard to describe the music style here… it would be better if you listen to it and draw your own conclusions but then again… every song is quite different from the other… creating a beautiful diversity in the album. They have blended post-rock (what a futile music term), atmospheric, ambient, dream pop, electronic, progressive rock/metal, symphonic, gothic, extreme (very few) & cinematic music so as to create a post-apocalyptic soundtrack for after the day of reckoning or possibly for a new beginning in another place. In order to be more accurate, I must analyze every song separately… alternatively the post-dreamscapes the band is creating with the music are better to be intuited individually by each one of you… according to your own personal experiences and feelings. Every individual needs several listens and time in order to dive into this deep post-space sea and feel entirely the immense & fascinating music of “Skylight”. Furthermore, the female singer Ida Sundqvist is is also participating on the album.
I’m still amazed by the final result and honestly it took me by surprise… the more I listen to it the more I get into its atmospheric post-dreamy landscapes. Certainly, this is not happy music… neither for every time of the day. It’s utterly esoteric, imposing, dark, atmospheric, progressive, mysterious and post-apocalyptic music that won’t leave you any further choices to escape it as soon as you play it. Try to listen it under the starlit sky with some good headphones and the textures will be so ominous and never-ending till the dawn brings salvation…