Armonite - The Sun is New Each Day

Armonite The Sun is New Each Day cover
The Sun is New Each Day
Independent Release
Armonite is a new instrumental music project which started in 2015 by violinist Jacopo Bigi and composer/keybordist Paolo Fosso. After a while, the guys were joined by bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and drummer Jasper Barendregt.
Armonite’s music style is a somewhat strange. The violin is the leading instrument here and the keys (which are everywhere) are the basic element of the orchestration. The keys create a musical background for the violin, but they also make the final result kinda electro, popy & plastic. I wouldn’t call it prog rock, cuz without any guitars you can’t rock, that’s obvious, then again it does have a progressive edge due to the world music and the jazzy elements it contains in general. The production is fine & clear, although the sound of the drums could have been a bit better and less “plastic”. The album was produced Paul Reeve (Muse) and mastered by Geoff Pesche at the prestigious Abbey Road Studios in London.
I cannot tell what the future holds for Armonite if they continue with the same line-up, but they are very skilled musicians that they can improve, fix & update their sound and their musical approach at large. There’s room for improvement and for more memorable melodies on the whole. Those who fancy violins and keyboard-based instrumental music should give it a try. Go to Armonite’s official website here to listen to the tracks and download the album for free, if you like what you hear.