Thom Pankhurst releases play-through video for new single “Grow”

Thom Pankhurst Grow single cover
British guitar composer Thom Pankhurst today releases new single and play-through video for “Grow”, a highly melodic and dynamic piece that serves as a fantastic introduction to one of the hottest up-and-coming guitarists today.

Watch the video for “Grow” below. Get the new single here.

Thom is fast becoming one of the most talked about new players in prog and guitar circles, and when listening to “Grow” it’s easy to hear why. Every aspect of his composition and performance is delivered with maturity far beyond his years; combining sophisticated note choices, finesse in execution and outrageous speed and precision, Thom promises to be at the forefront of the guitar world for years to come.

“Grow” is the first new material heard from Thom following the release of his 2018 debut EP “Lighthouse”, which features guest solos from Sam Bell (Mask Of Judas) and Dan Thornton (Abhorrent Decimation, Novena).

Thom commented on the single: “"Grow" came together at roughly the same time that I was finishing up recording the "Lighthouse "EP, but wasn’t quite finished and felt like it was in a different space to the rest of the EP so I decided to release it as a single afterwards. It’s the first project I’ve done everything by myself (excluding drums and mastering) due to being let down for mixing/production by other people, and so its named "Grow" as its me standing firmly on my own two feet and really putting the time in to get the track to reflect where I am as a musician at the moment”.

Very much respected among his peers, Thom was asked to appear on the YouTube Channel “Guitar Bros Demos” alongside Joss Allen to discuss the future of guitar playing. He is also part of the 2019 International Strandberg Guitars collaboration.

Later this year, Thom will follow up “Grow” with a collection of play-throughs of tracks from “Lighthouse”, before entering the studio to track his next record.