Steve Kilbey release new music video for “When I Love Her She Sings”

Steve Kilbey video pic
One of Australia’s greatest and most treasured songwriters, Steve Kilbey has released the second single from his 2018 album “Sydney Rococo”.

Watch the video for “When I Love Her She Sings” below.

Director Clint Lewis from Red Tape Pictures describes the music video for “When I Love Her She Sings” as: “a psychedelic love letter comprised of animated headshots in a technicolour landscape. Much of the imagery exists as a throwback to early experimental music videos of the 70s. Layers of coloured oils and alcohol move under the heat of a lightbulb to produce a liquid light show comprised of changing colour patterns that wash over Kilbey’s animated performance”.

The vibrant & fun video makes for an interesting departure from the black & white Film Noir style of Kilbey’s previous single “Sydney Rococo” released in November 2018.

Ted Howard, who mixed and engineered each track on the album “Sydney Rococo”, remembers each song’s recording session vividly. “Steve was in charge and enjoying himself as the ringmaster, having a lot of fun“. Listening back now to “When I Love Her She Sings”, Ted’s first impressions are that it sounds as colourful as the album cover looks (artwork by Gail Potocki). “WILHSS”’s rhythmic groove is a pronounced “strutting sexy Kilbey thing”, that “teases with lines like ‘I want to go up & kiss that caramel skin’, and then Jak Housden playing the incredible guitar melodies in the chorus, are a beautiful counterpoint to Steve’s vocals. Kilbey can be dark and thunderous, but this is the big, joyous, colourful Kilbey”.

Steve Kilbey is currently touring the US with The Church, and will head home briefly later this month before rebounding off to the UK and Europe for a few more shows with The Church. Plans are underway for some solo shows when he returns home to Australian soil, including exploring opportunities to bring the chamber rich lush sound of this solo album to a few very special live Sydney Rococo shows, complete with strings attached.

“Sydney Rococo” is perhaps Steve Kilbey’s best solo offering so far, after more than 25 solo albums of his own. Purchase “Sydney Rococo” here.