LiveFinland - Music and tourism industries join forces to promote Finnish music

LiveFinland logo
This summer the Finnish tourism and music industries have joined forces to create LiveFinland – an online service that: makes music travel to Finland easier; showcases Finland as a music-travel destination; and promotes Finnish popular music to the rest the world. LiveFinland lets travellers buy concert tickets and accommodation with a couple of mouse clicks, along with city walking tours of Finnish rock music and pop-culture sites. It also provides useful information and articles about traveling to Finland, and about Finnish music, events and venues.

Now, LiveFinland has launched a music-video channel here showcasing the Finnish acts of the moment. LiveFinland will use the channel to reach everyone who is interested in Finnish music and in new experiences, as well as profiling Finnish music makers for the music business globally.

The Finnish travel sector and music industry have responded to this new project with great enthusiasm and high hopes for the future. For international tourists LiveFinland has created a brand new vision of Finland and its popular culture – much of it hidden until recently – as well as the simplest way for music tourists to book and buy tickets. The global music industry can now get up-to-date information on forthcoming music events, festivals, bands, and venues in Finland, as well as professional services for promoting, publicizing, contacting and consulting with the Finnish music industry. LiveFinland has been made by Finnish music-business professionals with the help and support of the rest of Finnish music business.