Havamal to release new studio album “The Shadow Chapter” on May 21st 2021

Havamal The Shadow Chapter cover
Swedish Viking Metal warriors Havamal are back in the game with their second opus “The Shadow Chapter”, coming out on May 21st, 2021, via Art Gates Records worldwide. After unleashing one of the wild debuts in the Viking/Folk Metal scene in 2019, the band returns with their most ambitious record to date.

The cover art has been created by the artist Alexander Rommel at Aerroscape and represents the albums running theme, telling the stories of the monsters that roamed and ruled fear in norse mythology. But also it represents the eternal beast that lurks within a human, that darkness and light are always entwined and never truly distinctively separated.

In words of the band:
“This album really shows our evolution as a band as well as the magnum opus for us both individually and as a musical collaboration up to date. Each member is able to shine through with their talent and influences, and this is what makes Havamal for us. This represents our own metal evolution together with our fellow hymn-weavers and We couldn’t be more proud. We hope our pagan hordes feel the same joy and thrill over this next chapter in the Havamal Saga!”...

Exclusive merch preorder packs to be unleashed soon!

1. The North awakes
2. Fenris
3. Nidhoggr
4. Kraken
5. Empire of the ashen sun
6. Nornir’s call
7. Jormungandr
8. Hel
9. The Curse of Grendel

“The Shadow Chapter” has been recorded at SolnaSound Productions, mixed and mastered by Simon Johansson and Mike Wead, and produced by Havamal.