Green Desert Water to release new studio album “Black Harvest” on November 5th 2021

Green Desert Water Black Harvest cover
Oviedo, Spain-based psychedelic blues rock trio Green Desert Water will release their third full-length, “Black Harvest”, on November 5th, 2021, via Small Stone Records!
Black Harvest is inarguably the band’s most cohesive, classic, and vibe-ready work yet. With the introduction of new drummer Dani Barcena, guitarist/vocalist Kike Sanchís and bassist Juan Arias García unite in classic power trio fashion, building upon the significant accomplishments of 2018’s “Solar Plexus” with even more flash of heavy blues, psychedelia, and weighted riffery. Can you hang? Of course you can!
Wo Fat’s own Kent Stump sits in on the title-track, which is a fitting centerpiece rife with AC/DC vs Sabbath vitality, following behind the opening salvo of “Sacred Tree” and “Dead Sacred Tree”, which set a tone figuratively and literally for what follows with a focus on melody and songwriting – the catchy “Too Many Wizards” could easily be a state-of-the-union for the heavy rock underground – tempos no less comfortable careening than they are crashing, and a classic sensibility filtered through modern production that leaves the songs full and engaging for the most fickle of attention spans. Later, to be snared by “Shelter of Guru” is to take a ride in a traditionalist caravan, and both journey and destination satisfy ahead of the capper boogie in “Soul Blind”. Rest assured, you’re about to spend 38 minutes in the presence of masters. Roll with it and be glad you did.
In advance of the release of “Black Harvest”, Green Desert Water is streaming “Too Many Wizards” noting, “when the old masters speak, the apprentice wizards must shup up, close their eyes, and open their minds…”
Stream “Too Many Wizards” below.
“Black Harvest” will be available on CD and digital formats via Small Stone and limited edition LP (deluxe gatefold) via Kozmik Artifactz. Find preorders here. Fans of La Chinga, Captain Beyond, Lord Fowl, Black Elephant, and the like pay heed.
1. Sacred Tree
2. Dead Sacred Tree
3. Too Many Wizards
4. Black Harvest
5. The Whale
6. Shelter of Guru
7. Soul Blind
Juan Arias García - Fuzz bass
Dani Barcena – Drums, percussion
Kike Sanchís – Guitars, vocals

Kent Stump - Additional guitar
Alvaro Barcena - Backing vocals