Final Coil to release new EP “Convicted of the Right” on May 1st 2020

Final Coil Convicted of the Right EP cover
On May 1st, 2020, Final Coil, in conjunction with their label, Wormholedeath, will release the “Convicted of the Right” EP. 

To celebrate the announcement, the band have unleashed an astonishing official video for the track! Watch the new video below!

“Convicted of the Right” itself is one of the most powerful tracks from “The World We Left Behind for Others”, both musically and lyrically and the band have filmed a stunning promo video to accompany its release. The video brings to life in harrowing fashion the song’s commentary on the conditioning and indoctrination of young men fed into the military machine.

Final Coil front man Phil Stiles tells about the song, “Convicted of the Right”:
“In the song, which opens to the sound of gunfire, we witness my Grandfather, mired in alcoholism, looking back upon his training. As his past merges with his present, he remains resolutely convicted that what he did was right; that the ends justified the means – and, from a certain perspective he was… but then there are men (and women) all around the world who use the same justification for their state-sanctioned actions from their perspective. They can’t all be right, can they?”...

The video was created by the same team that brought another track from “The World We Left Behind for Others” to such vivid life last year - “The Last Battle” – and there are many suggested links between the two films as Phil explains... 

“Shot on the same location, an abandoned military base in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, we meticulously recreated a squat in which a veteran of an unnamed war would slowly suffer a complete mental collapse. Tormented by visions of past conflicts and a particularly vehement drill instructor; surrounded by the detritus of his attempts to forget the past and unable to contain a sense of utter alienation, he takes refuge in the comforting notion that his past was mandated by a force stronger than the individual. What follows is unclear, but if the character whom we saw running from some unseen foe in the first clip really is the same character we see lurking in the background in the squat, then we can only fear for her safety”...

As mentioned above, this release is the “Convicted of the Right” EP, rather than just a single, which means the powerful album track is backed by an array of exciting, exclusive material. The band travelled down to The Lab in London where they recorded three tracks live in the studio. These vibrant versions of “Empty Handed”, “Spider Feet” and “You Waste My Time” will all appear on the new EP and were all captured on film for future video release.

The “Convicted of the Right” EP will be released both digitally and on limited edition cassette and provides the perfect conclusion to the incredible journey of “The World We Left Behind for Others”. The journey of Final Coil however, is just beginning...

1. Convicted Of The Right  (Album Version) 
2. Empty Handed  (Live @ The Lab)
3. You Waste My Time  (Live @ The Lab) 
4. Spider Feet  (Live @ The Lab)