El Ten Eleven announces trio of full-length albums “Tautology I, II & III” out in May, July and September 2020

El Ten Eleven Tautology I, II & III cover
El Ten Eleven have announced a trio of full-length albums dubbed “Tautology I” (release date: May 1), “Tautology II” (July 10) and “Tautology III” (Sept. 18) with the Joyful Noise Recordings’ releases representing a sonic meditation on the arc of human life, composed in three parts.

The music on the first disc, “Tautology I”, has a heavier sound that might surprise longtime El Ten Eleven fans. “I wanted to represent what my teenage years were like, when I was full of testosterone and depression”, says guitar/bass player Kristian Dunn. “When you’re a teenager everything feels so grandiose and dramatic”.

The album’s second movement, “Tautology II”, reflects Dunn’s current state. “I’m middle-aged now, and this is the happiest I’ve ever been. I think that comes across in the music. This record is the one that sounds the most like the El Ten Eleven people are used to”.

For the final chapter, “Tautology III”, Dunn composed a transcendent set of ethereal music inspired partly by the loss of a dear family member. “I don’t know what it’s like to be elderly. But my grandmother-in-law Frances McMaster was a very inspiring person. She died recently, and I was thinking about her a lot. She was really smart. She lived into her early nineties and she wrote her fourth book when she was 88. I’d like to be like her if I make it to that age”.

The pair preview “Tautology I” with the release of “With Report”, which can be heard now below (stream it here) and is available immediately to all who pre-order the six-song release, here. The three albums are initially available digitally with a 3xLP physical release available on September 18th, 2020.


“Tautology I”:
1. Entropy
2. With Report
3. Jejune
4. Moral Dynamite
5. Division
6. Lassitude

“Tautology II”:
1. Besotted
2. Shimmer
3. Nocturne
4. The Silent Bell That Rings
5. Half Mast
6. Queen’s Gambit
7. Growing Shorter

“Tautology III”:
1. Farrago
2. Caducity
3. You Are A Piece of Me, You Are a Piece of Her
4. Aubade
5. Let’s All Go Out Like Francis
6. Senescent
7. All of This Bliss Doesn’t Come Without a Price

The Southern California duo of Kristian Dunn (bass/guitar) and Tim Fogarty (drums) have flourished outside the accepted norms of rock orthodoxy, releasing eight full-length albums, four EPs and performing over 750 live shows. Utilizing inventive arrangements and a masterful use of looping, El Ten Eleven have been noted for their ability to create a sound much bigger than their individual parts. SF Weekly said of the pair’s live performance: “watching El Ten Eleven play is something like watching two superheroes do their thing”. Consequence of Sound called their music “euphoric”, KEXP described their output as “transcendent” and Under The Radar declared the pair’s unique style a “buoyant brand of post-rock”.