Diamond Dogs to release new studio album “Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous” on January 21st 2022

Diamond Dogs Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous cover
One of rock’s most dynamic stage performers, Sweden’s boogie rock legends Diamond Dogs are sitting pretty nicely on top of their game, with the boogie piano and the delightfully sleazy overall feel, they sound like they’re having an absolutely blast! 

Check out the album trailer video below.

The new album “Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous” is produced and mixed by Tomas Skogsberg, and the songs are all composed, jammed, arranged and recorded in Sunlight Studio, Gräddö, Sweden, mainly during the summer months of 2020. The Sunlight Studio is without a doubt Diamond Dogs’ true home ground. The group have had countless of collaborations with the inimitable producer throughout the years. During varying periods of time, the band members come and stay in the studio’s cottage annex, with sessions, mind expanding, forest walks and rock ‘n’ roll tales around the clock. Their common love for the golden years of ‘Mott’ makes them inseparable. 

After making highly acclaimed demo tapes with star producer Max Martin (Britney Spears) in 1991, Diamond Dogs shortly thereafter went into legendary Sunlight Studio with producer and mastermind Tomas Skogsberg (Hellacopters / Entombed). The first single “Blue Eyes Shouldn’t Be Cryin” from the debut album “Honked”, launched in 1993, made its way onto rotation on MTV’s classic hard rock show Headbangers Ball, and it became the start of a successful journey that eventually took the group to world wide cult status. And this time, 30 years after it all started, Diamond Dogs have yet another time returned to inimitable producer Tomas Skogsberg to make their 14th Long-Player. A Twenty-Four original songs Double Album!

Diamond Dogs are in a league of their own. The band have in a confident way been releasing topnotch rock albums since the early ‘90s, and also having a large reputation for their energetic live shows often stretched out to over three hours, you’ll be hard pressed to find many bands revisiting this style of classic rock or doing it in such style. Think of it as rock and roll sushi! 

The Swedish classicists make no bones about their mission in life, to keep the flame of old-fashioned, R&B-greased, riff-driven rock and roll burning. They have been special guests on tours with Nazareth, The Damned, The Cult, Hanoi Rocks, Iggy Pop, and on two Ian Hunter tours. And having toured their emotional home UK several times, headlining the premium venues, the English music press nowadays speaks about the Swedes as sounding more British than the Brits themselves. 

“Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous” is a release for children of the 70’s. From the top it conjures up the spirits of the 70’s glam rock era. The warm atmosphere brings the air of the golden age, and the energy of the songs and performance give a promise of rock music for the new generation! Diamond Dogs leaves the listener feeling like they’ve been somewhere momma told them not to go, but knowing that they’ll soon be visiting again! 

“This is my masterpiece, my White Album”, as Tomas Skogsberg himself puts it. And we can only agree!

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1. Alright Brutus I’m On
2. What If I Knocked
3. Everythings Fine
4. Rocked, Wrecked, Robbed and Ruined
5. You Got A Diamond In Me
6. A Rock in the Sea
7. You Shouldnt Be Lonely on a Saturd
8. Make Up Boogie
9. Ghost Pain of Your Love
10. Golden Wheel
11. Get Me Out
12. Slap-bang Blue
13. Queen of the Milky Way
14. Rock It And Roll It
15. Toxic Daydream
16. Common Form of Life
17. Rocket Ricochet
18. Sunday Haze
19. Run Through the Wildfire
20. Suicidal Idol
21. Anyway I Can Make Her Smile
22. Vanity Villains
23. Lose to Get By
24. Blind Broke Patron Saint