Belladonna releases the first Selfie Music Video ever for “Spartacus”

Belladonna Spartacus single cover
Italian cult rock band Belladonna has just released a one/off single titled “Spartacus”, and its video was shot by the band's singer Luana Caraffa as a selfie video!

“We cannot be conclusively sure it is the first Selfie Music Video of all time, but after watching it you will agree with us that its surreal time-bending aspect makes it the craziest!”, quips Luana.

“Spartacus” is inspired by the slave gladiator who started and led the major slave uprising against Rome in 72 BC.

“It's a rebel song, a call to arms, 2 minutes of pure anthemic fury”, says Luana.

“We wrote it a few days ago and it portrays so powerfully how we feel in this current world climate that we've decided to speed-record it and release it immediately”, adds Dani Macchi, Belladonna's guitarist and producer.

Watch the “Spartacus” Selfie Music Video below.

“Spartacus” is available exclusively on Gumroad here.