Belladonna releases retrospective “Mixtape” on cassette only

Belladonna Mixtape pic
Italian cult rock band Belladonna has just released a retrospective mixtape on audiocassette only!

The 20 songs on the “Belladonna Mixtape” - a double album, comprising 2 sides of a C90 tape! - are cherry-picked from the band's musical journey so far, and include “Foreverland” (included in the “Best Rock Song” category of the 2009 Grammy Awards ballot), “Let There Be Light” (written and recorded with legendary UK composer Michael Nyman), “The God Below” (featured on the International TV Spot for the Hollywood blockbuster 2015 movie “Minions”) - plus their as yet unreleased noir cover of Del Shannon's classic 1961 track “Runaway”.

The release is a limited edition (available for one month only, starting from the 10th of January) and - in authentic 70/80s mixtape style! - the tracklist on the cassette cover is handwritten, in this case by Belladonna's singer Luana Caraffa!

“Our musical and recording aesthetic has always been totally analog, so our retrospective album just HAD to be on cassette!”, says Luana. “And we must confess that when we played back our cassette mixtape we were amazed by how wonderfully analog and beautifully organic the songs sounded coming off the tape!”...

“Nick Hornby in "High Fidelity" said that making a mixtape was like writing a letter”, adds the band's guitarist Dani Macchi. “And we absolutely agree - making mixtapes was a form of Art that flourished in an Era when Music truly mattered to everyone. Well, music still truly matters to us, and to all our friends and fans - and this mixtape is our personal letter to them all!”...

The “Belladonna Mixtape” is available now exclusively on Gumroad here.

Upon purchase you will receive the album in mp3 format (2 mp3s, both 45' long: one mp3 for the whole of side A, and one for the whole of side B: this is a true mixtape even in its mp3 incarnation!) for you to play while waiting for your handmade “Belladonna Mixtape” audiocassette to arrive in the post!