American Grim release new music video for “Living Terror”

American Grim band pic
American Grim has released a second music video for their song “Living Terror”. Directed by vocalist Ryan Grim, this is the second music video the band has released from their latest LP, “Ultra Black”.

“Daily, we battle our insecurities and anxieties on this earth. We balance making good and bad decisions in our life here”, says guitarist and producer Mike Morello. “This song covers our natural interest in life outside of the world we know and how far we should invest in those questions”.

The band had released a music video for “Nightmare”, as heard on SiriusXM Octane, and has amassed over one million views on YouTube alone since its release. 

Challenge the status quo. Shake up the culture of fake outrage. Break free from the bonds of self-defeating ignorance. There’s no reason to despair within this dystopia; we have the power to escape mindless obedience. This is the primal punk-style message at the heart of American Grim, a heavy music battalion whose sinister “shock rock” is aimed squarely at conformity.
The band released “Ultra Black” via eOne on November 1st, 2019, to some noticeable critical acclaim. Cryptic Rock declared, “American Grim inject a dose of excitement into a bland sea of look-alikes, showing exceptional promise and passionate love and respect for the dark arts of Rock, Metal, and Industrial”. Music Existence simply stated, “this album sounds fantastic!”.

American Grim stands against those who would exploit our insecurities and exacerbate our social media-driven hunger for validation. The New Jersey trio makes anthems for the downtrodden, the dismissed, and the dispossessed. They champion independent thought, individualism, and above all else, freedom of creative expression. Like Emma Goldman once famously said, “It’s not my revolution if I can’t dance to it”. Or in this case, smash shit to it. Music is their weapon. The stage is their battlefield.

American Grim conjure the rich history of theatricality found in cinematic horror and dark literature, with the unrelenting energy of traditional hardcore, the massive propulsive hooks of post-industrial, and the unashamed weirdness of classic nü-metal. Devotees of Slipknot, Korn, Rob Zombie, and Marilyn Manson have all found a home within American Grim’s music, while fans of groups like Hatebreed recognize something familiar about the delivery and aggression.

Purchase and stream “Ultra Black” here.

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